Psalm 30

Everyone who loves God, sing your hearts out to God!

He gets angry sometimes but it is for our own good – it is out of His love for us that His anger flows.  And “across a lifetime there is only love.  The nights of weeping give way to days of laughter.”  Want proof?

Look at the babe in the manger.

See Him on the cross.

See Him on the throne.

Ultimate anguish turned to ultimate joyful triumph.


Psalm 29

In the midst of a natural disaster, David is in awe of Your incredible power.

Unleash that power on our city, mighty God!  Not in the form of a natural disaster, but through Your healing hand – Your strong arm, mighty to save.  Let Portland be rocked by the power of Your salvation!

Psalm 28

Hear my prayers God.  I want to know You.

Let me in!  Don’t leave me out here in the cold, knocking until my knuckles hurt and I get discouraged.  Open Your door and remove the film from my eyes, the wax from my ears, and the scuz from my heart.  Carry me into Your living room and talk to me until I learn to recognize Your voice.  Let me follow You around like a curious child, learning the how and why of what You do.  Then prepare me for a career of being Your servant.  Send me out singing Your praises to all I meet.

Psalm 27

Love, Infinitude, Passion – that’s God!

“So with Him on my side, I’m fearless, afraid of no one and nothing.”  Not my reputation, not cancer, not loneliness, not of offending others, not of myself, not of what I may or may not become.

Perfect love casts out fear!

When the house erupts in chaos, I’m cool as a cucumber.

When all hell breaks loose I breath confident behind my helmet of salvation and shield of faith.

I’m asking God for one thing only.  One thing, maybe two: to live with Him in His house my whole life – contemplating His beauty and studying at His feet; and to be able to bring others there with me – to bring my whole community into His kingdom house.  Thy kingdom come on earth – here and now – sharing our resources, discussing Your miracles, marveling in Your grace together.  Please God let it be so!

Even as life’s cares try to pull  me down beneath the waves, God buoys me up.  I’m walking on water, singing God songs and praises as I march along, held up by my God-raft.

“When my heart whispered, “Seek God,” my whole being replied, “I’m seeking Him!” Don’t hide from me now!  Point me down Your path, God.”  Give me travelling companions to follow and help me bring others along.  “Stay with God!  Take heart.  Don’t quit.  I’ll say it again: Stay with God.”

Psalm 26

Examine me, my King, from head to toe – put me through Your battery of tests, preparing me for battle in the boot-camp of Your Word and through the teachers and authorities You have put in my life.  Give me Your physical – looking for weaknesses and flaws that the enemy could exploit.  Either remove them or use them for Your glory.

Outfit me with Your armor: the belt of Truth that holds everything together; the breastplate of righteousness – Your righteousness – that protects my heart from being stolen away; the shoes of peace that can carry me so much farther than the cement blocks of violence and defensive-/offensiveness; the shield of faith that I can carry before me, knowing You are clearing the way; the helmet of salvation that will never be knocked off and protects my mind from Satan’s accusations; and the sword of the Spirit – for it is truly the Spirit who does all the work.

Prepare me for battle King Jesus.  Teach me to use my walkie-talkie and may my channel always be clearly tuned into You – no static or a garble of other voices.  “Be at my right and my left, above and beneath me, surround me with Your light, cover me with Your blood, seal me with Your cross”*, and fill my heart with courage as I march into battle with You.

I sing Your praises as I march; songs of Your greatness are my war-cries.  I look forward to a relaxing evening with You in Your beautiful heaven home after the battle is won.

*From Richard Foster’s Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home

Psalm 25

I’m counting on You, good Father; You won’t disappoint.  No one will look at me and say ‘God has abandoned her.’  Trials and sufferings may come but You will be in them with me and great joy will be on the other side.

“Show me how You work God; school me in Your ways.  Take me by the hand, lead me down the path of truth.”  I am a willing student!  Don’t let me be swayed by false teachers.

“Mark the milestones of Your mercy and love.”  Don’t let us forget all the ways You have saved us, have kept us on the right path, have provided for us over the years.  We must pass these landmarks and remembrances on to our kids!

Forget that I forgot how to listen to You.  Forgive me for my arrogance.  Plan a path of servanthood for me – bringing Your love and joy to everyone I meet.

Correct my misdirection – send me in the right direction – I will follow the road signs and read the map.

“God-friendship is for God-worshipers; they are the ones He confides in.”  Let this be me!

Psalm 24

God’s living room is universe, galaxies are His armchair.

He created infinity –

from the smallest detail of a baby’s immune system, to the largest mountain,




Who can conquer God?!

No one even comes close – for as He created, so He can destroy.

Who can begin to understand God?  Those who seek Him with all their hearts

Who call out and search and knock with dogged persistence.

They will get a glimpse of His glory.

They will catch sight of His all-powerful, all-loving nature.

They will feel one drop from the ocean of His love and it will fill them to overflowing.

Wake up, you who don’t believe!  Wake up, you who entertain many lords!

King of Creation is ready to speak.

God, Lord and Creator of all has something to say to you!

Psalm 23

God is my perfect parent, I am never lacking for anything.

He happily gives when I ask for good gifts.

He croons sweet lullabies of His love as He rocks me to sleep each night.

When I startle awake from a nightmare, crying out in fear, He rushes to my side,

reassuring me of His presence, comforting me.

I always feel safe when I know He is there.

Each morning He causes the birds to sing my alarm clock song and wakes me with the aroma of my favorite breakfast.

My clothes are laid out for me

I never need to worry about not having enough.

When bullies taunt and torment me, God races to my side to defend and smothers me with love and attention.  Oh how jealous those bullies must be.

I know He will never disown me – no matter what I do or how I hurt Him, His goodness and enormous love will chase after me,

haunt me,

and bring me back to His open, loving arms.

I’m at home in God’s house forever and always.