Psalm 23

God is my perfect parent, I am never lacking for anything.

He happily gives when I ask for good gifts.

He croons sweet lullabies of His love as He rocks me to sleep each night.

When I startle awake from a nightmare, crying out in fear, He rushes to my side,

reassuring me of His presence, comforting me.

I always feel safe when I know He is there.

Each morning He causes the birds to sing my alarm clock song and wakes me with the aroma of my favorite breakfast.

My clothes are laid out for me

I never need to worry about not having enough.

When bullies taunt and torment me, God races to my side to defend and smothers me with love and attention.  Oh how jealous those bullies must be.

I know He will never disown me – no matter what I do or how I hurt Him, His goodness and enormous love will chase after me,

haunt me,

and bring me back to His open, loving arms.

I’m at home in God’s house forever and always.


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