Psalm 25

I’m counting on You, good Father; You won’t disappoint.  No one will look at me and say ‘God has abandoned her.’  Trials and sufferings may come but You will be in them with me and great joy will be on the other side.

“Show me how You work God; school me in Your ways.  Take me by the hand, lead me down the path of truth.”  I am a willing student!  Don’t let me be swayed by false teachers.

“Mark the milestones of Your mercy and love.”  Don’t let us forget all the ways You have saved us, have kept us on the right path, have provided for us over the years.  We must pass these landmarks and remembrances on to our kids!

Forget that I forgot how to listen to You.  Forgive me for my arrogance.  Plan a path of servanthood for me – bringing Your love and joy to everyone I meet.

Correct my misdirection – send me in the right direction – I will follow the road signs and read the map.

“God-friendship is for God-worshipers; they are the ones He confides in.”  Let this be me!


One thought on “Psalm 25

  1. Love this. Teach it to the kids. Let this be me. You were there on my worst day. You were there when I sinned. You were there when I was assaulted. You are here now. Thank you so much for posting these sweet songs.

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