Psalm 26

Examine me, my King, from head to toe – put me through Your battery of tests, preparing me for battle in the boot-camp of Your Word and through the teachers and authorities You have put in my life.  Give me Your physical – looking for weaknesses and flaws that the enemy could exploit.  Either remove them or use them for Your glory.

Outfit me with Your armor: the belt of Truth that holds everything together; the breastplate of righteousness – Your righteousness – that protects my heart from being stolen away; the shoes of peace that can carry me so much farther than the cement blocks of violence and defensive-/offensiveness; the shield of faith that I can carry before me, knowing You are clearing the way; the helmet of salvation that will never be knocked off and protects my mind from Satan’s accusations; and the sword of the Spirit – for it is truly the Spirit who does all the work.

Prepare me for battle King Jesus.  Teach me to use my walkie-talkie and may my channel always be clearly tuned into You – no static or a garble of other voices.  “Be at my right and my left, above and beneath me, surround me with Your light, cover me with Your blood, seal me with Your cross”*, and fill my heart with courage as I march into battle with You.

I sing Your praises as I march; songs of Your greatness are my war-cries.  I look forward to a relaxing evening with You in Your beautiful heaven home after the battle is won.

*From Richard Foster’s Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home


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