Psalm 32

Because You came to Earth, a tiny embryo, helpless inside of Mary, I get a fresh start – my sin tally is wiped completely clean.

Because You grew like the rest of us – only, unlike the rest of us, without sin – God holds nothing against me.

Because You endured the awkward stage of pre-adolescence, I can approach the throne of God, my miserable filth hidden behind Your radiant purity.

Because You relied on Your Father for every step You took, I can confidently follow in Your footsteps, knowing they will lead me straight to fellowship with You, Your Father, and Your Spirit.

Because You were obedient even when it meant You had to die a miserable, painful, agonizing death, I know I am loved beyond measure, no matter what.

Because You rose from the dead, I can sing a joyful God-song, raising the roof with my praise!

Thank You!


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