Psalm 33

Everyone has a beautiful voice when they use it to praise God.

Play music to God with a symphony of instruments.  Sing familiar songs or write your own.  Whatever you do, just don’t let the praises stop!

For God is a Rock you can stand on without worrying about your footing.  No matter what life throws at you, a God-foundation will not crumble if you remain standing on it.

Think about it – God spoke the Earth into place.  He sang sun, moon, and stars into being.  He created humans out of dust and then breathed life into us – and we’re not just empty pots!  Our bodies are so intricate we’re still trying to figure them out!

So bow down before God the Creator.  His plans are the ones that happen; nothing works apart from Him.  The nations who side with God and obey His instructions find themselves rich with blessings.  God sits in His throne in Heaven and watches over each person He has made.  War and power and more stuff aren’t the answer to a good world.  Love, God’s love, and respect for God and each other will lead us to utopia.

We’re depending on You, God.  You are all we need.  Now that we’ve lined ourselves up with You, we find we’re totally satisfied.


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