Psalm 34

I praise You, O God, with each breath.

My lungs breath, “Thank – You – Thank – You – Thank – You.”

My heart beats, “I’mYours, I’mYours, I’mYours.”

My blood rushes around my body, swirling, “Praaaaise Him!  Praaaaise Him!”

Creation sings Your praises, let’s join in with our words, letting everyone know the good news that God has redeemed us!  God takes care of my every need.  He doesn’t let me wallow in anxiety and fear, an unrestful heart dictating my decisions!  No!  He put peace in my heart and taught me how to pray to Him.  I am free to speak with Him any time.

Worshiping God puts joy in my heart.  This is what I was created to do!  Through worship I experience life to the fullest.

But listen, everyone.  Don’t let any careless words slip through your lips.  Don’t curse or shame another child of God with the mouth that you use to praise your Creator.  Go find ways you can show God’s kindness to others – that way you won’t wander into sin.

If you are crying, God will listen.  He’s always on comfort duty, ready to wrap the broken in His strong arms.  Even if you just can’t seem to stay out of trouble, God is there every time.



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