Psalm 35

God, You can handle my anger.  You can handle my frustration of others.  When I vent to You, You appreciate my honesty and the fact that I brought my frustrations to You.  So here goes:

My Psalm of Anguish on Account of My Friend


Why did You let her go?  You said You would chase after Your one lost lamb, but she has been left in a pit for years!  Why didn’t You reveal Yourself to her more fully when she was trying to follow You?  Why do You seem so false to her?  Her mind has twisted Your truth so extensively, I can’t even find the end to help her unravel the lies Satan has fed her.  If she feels a close connection with the Divine, is she closely connected with You or her Deceiver?


She has so much morality, but so little of You.  Her heart loves Your people.  Her mind loves Your laws (most of them).  Why doesn’t she love You?!  Is she deceiving herself or does she truly believe this is who she is?  Why don’t You rescue her God?  You could rescue her from her sins.  You could convict her heart to turn away from this insane path of twisted truths.  You could save her from the torment of being separated from her family.  Why won’t You?!  Chase Your lost lamb!  Draw her to You.  Hold her close and never let her go.  Then she would sing Your praises to all she has influence over.  She would be Your servant and bring Your Kingdom to her neighborhood.  Save her Father.  Save her for Your own glory.


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