Psalm 40

I was a long time serving You before things started to click for me.

Even though I was Your child, I had sat down on the race course, bogged down and distracted by getting my shoes tied just right, making sure I had all the right equipment, until I forgot I was running the race at all!

But You came along and offered a hand up.  You set me back on the track and ran alongside of me until I remembered what the race was about again.  We sang a song to make the time fly by and our feet started pounding a rhythm.

More and more of us are joining the race – running hard to bring awareness about God’s Kingdom.  Those on God’s team have an adventure life – we never know what’s coming next!  One thing’s for sure – God never leaves us hanging like the world’s “sure thing” did.  We don’t need the latest fads and must-haves; God created a universe that is full of marvels and questions that will lead us to Him.  When I try to describe You to someone else, I don’t even know where to start.  There is no human language that could encompass You.

You don’t need me to do, do, do and put on my Sunday face for You.  You gave me a heart that longs to learn about what You’re really after.  So I read Your letter and saw that it was written to me.  That’s when it started to click for me and I just couldn’t get enough.  I want to tell everyone about You, God, to keep nothing back.  I don’t want to keep the news of Your Kingdom a secret, hiding it from people who want to know what You’re about.  People need to know how dependable You are, how thorough in the way You heal – body and soul.  I can’t keep Your love and truth all to myself, everyone needs to know the whole story.

Now God, don’t hold out on me.  Fill me with Your love and passion – all the way to the brim, I don’t want to half-ass this!  I’m completely embarrassed by the guilt of my sins – I probably don’t even know how many I commit each day!  My pride and selfishness cover me like kudzu; I can hardly see past myself!  Quick God, get me out of here!  Don’t give Satan the satisfaction of another apathetic racer.  I need the crowd around me to boo his progress and throw rotten tomatoes at him while You untangle me from this mess.

But as for me and the rest of those racing after You, let us sing our racing song while we run on our merry way – run and never quit.  I’ll tell you what – I’m a mess.  I’m not a good runner and I don’t bring anything to the table.  But You, You can make something of me.  You have the ability to turn me into a champion – worthy of Your Olympic team.  If anyone can do it, it’s You.  But please God, let’s start training today.


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