Psalm 45

I’m ready to write a love song to my beautiful King Jesus.  Too shy to say the words to His face, my pen will sing the words in my heart.

Beautiful Jesus, You are my heart’s desire.  Even though I’ve never seen Your face, the beauty of Your kindness, the gentleness of Your compassion, Your strong words to those who oppose You – all I read about You makes my heart melt with longing to be with You.  I want to follow You like a faithful servant, ready and willing to do all You ask.  But more than a servant, You treat me as a friend.  I want to lay my head on Your chest and listen as You talk about Your love for humanity and the intimate, intricate relationship You have with Your Father and Your Spirit.

I present myself before You, clothed in a dazzling white dress, beautiful in a way only You could make me.  I put my own home and allegiances behind me.  I’m all Yours.  Yours and Yours alone.  You take my breath away as I gaze on Your beauty – wrapped in a robe of glittering stars, Your face brighter than the sun.  I want to bring You children – expanding Your kingdom with voices of little ones who love You.  Thank You Jesus for choosing us to be Your bride.


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