Psalm 47-48

Roar, stadium of people!  Roar because Your God is stepping out onto the court.  Get excited and sing His praises because You know that He has won the game.  All those on His team can be sure that they’ll go home the victors.  Get excited about this and give God the praise He’s due!

Strong, beautiful, awesome God we can’t stop looking at You.  Like the Alps with the sunset on their backs, we gasp at Your beauty and power.  You are holy!  We must sing it out in our city.  When people realize the true scope of Your grandeur and raw power, their knees shake and they fall abject before You.  No one would ever try to take You on if they realized who You really are.

But even though You could quash us like bugs and demand respect from the loftiest of kings, Your concern is for the poor, the downtrodden, the needy and unattractive.  This is confusing to me, but I’m glad that’s who You are.  Be glad church!  Dance, daughters of God!  He does what He says and He cares about you!  Remember every detail of what He’s done so you can tell your kids and their kids.  We must remember!  God is forever and He will lead us to our true Home.


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