Psalm 49

This lesson applies to everyone whether you’re rich or poor, male or female; if you live on earth, you should listen.

God gave us some pretty obvious instructions.  It’s possible to twist them around and make them mean what you want them to, but if you ask God to give you understanding, they’re as plain as day – He’s not hiding anything from us.

I’ve been studying God’s Word a lot.  I like to write my understanding in poems and sing songs of Scripture.  Because I’m hidden in Christ in God, I don’t need to worry about a thing.  Nothing evil can find me here!

Here’s the deal, though.  No one can “pull themselves together.”  We should never say that.  That can only come through Christ.  Even those that look like they have it all together can’t do anything about eternity.  Everyone dies people!  In 100 years Brad Pitt will be just as dead as the Pope and the homeless guy on Burnside and you and me.  Money doesn’t save us.  Things don’t mean anything when it comes to eternity.  No matter how smart you are or how much stuff you have, you’re going to die.  The only thing that matters is the fruit God is looking for.  That fruit is the currency in the next Kingdom.  It may not amount to much on this earth, but when God’s Kingdom comes in fullness, you’ll be rich beyond your wildest dreams!

So if you put your faith in God, death will be a party, an improvement!  I’ll never envy the rich and famous.  They can’t take what they have with them and if they don’t have God, I don’t want to go where they’re going anyway.


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