Psalm 50

All rise for the God of Everything –

Majestic and Magnificent, Resplendent in Power –

He’s entering the courtroom and taking His spot in the Judge’s seat.

There’s no question that this courtroom will be fair!  Justice will be served here!

All those who serve Me, come listen.  I appreciate your sacrifices, they show you withhold nothing from me – but do you think that’s what I really want?!  Do you think I need your $500 a month?  No!  I’m the owner of everything.  I have all resources at my fingertips.  Provision is my job, not yours.  What I really want, what would really be a gift to Me, is your obedience, your love, and your praise!  I want you to trust that I will take care of you!

Now, those of you who could care less about Me, it’s your turn.  You guys are determined to disobey.  Every time I call your name, you let yourself get distracted or think of every excuse why you shouldn’t listen.  You hang out with the wrong people and they’re teaching you bad habits.  I waited patiently for you to learn your lesson, but this is Enough!  When I lay out all your wickedness where you can see it, you’re going to be embarrassed.  Now’s the time to make your decision.  Which group are you going to stand with?  I’m ready to give my verdict.

Those who praise Me – and all are welcome to join this family – will receive mercy.  As soon as you set foot on My path, I’ll show you how sweet my salvation is.


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