Psalm 54

For God’s sake – for Your sake, God – Help us!

With Your strong, safe name protect us from Satan’s attacks.  Listen God, we’re desperate; hear our pleas.  There have been times when we were “too busy” to hear You – show us mercy and don’t return tit for tat.  Satan has it in for us.  He’s got hit-men hidden around every corner trying to hit us where it hurts.  He thinks he can get away with it.  But KaPow! God’s not gonna leave us wide open.  He’s all around us – before us, behind us, above us, beneath us – protecting us from the Evil One.  Not only are we safe, but Satan’s going to get it in the end.  So I’ll sing out in worship!  God is my protector – my knight in shining armor!  Thank You for Your unfailing Love!


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