Psalm 56

Hold me up God!  I’m getting beaten down.

The demands of each day, the sin of my children and myself, my bad choices, and my sacrifice of obedience are all wearing me down until I am wafer-thin.  You are my strong Rock.  I will cling fast to You.  When I’m afraid I will lose it, I trust in You.  When my strength fails me, I sing songs of hope and praise to You.  What can this world do to me anyway?  Nothing that matters.

Satan is lying in wait for me.  He waits to catch me in a weak moment and then springs like a trap.  If I ever try to rely on my own strength or my own “goodness” he would have me in a second.  Protect me Father!

You know me through and through.  My tossing at night doesn’t go unnoticed; each tear I cry in frustration is caught by You; every ache, every pain, every heartache – You know them all and You care.

All the cares in the world melt away when I sing Your praises.  I’m proud to serve You.  I would be lost apart from You.  I’d rather be the lowest man on a long totem pole with You by my side than queen of the world without You.


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