Psalm 57

Heavenly Father, protector of my soul, help me now!  I cling to You for dear life!  I’m hiding out under Your protection until the storm blows over.  I call out to You, gracious God who holds me together and keeps me sane –

Give me strength!

Give me patience!

Give me poise!

I’m a wreck!  I want to shut my children in the garage and run away from their constant noise and whining.  Those voices that usually bring me such joy are like rusty nails on a chalkboard right now.

Give me peace.

Give me patience.

Remind me of the joy they bring; give me compassion for their plight.  Remind me of Your patient love for me when I cannot be content.  Cool my jets, God – I need to be the adult in this situation.  You deliver generous love; You pour Your Spirit freely on all who ask for it.  “All who ask shall receive,” You make good on Your Word.

Let Your sun shine on us today, O God.  We will sing out Your praises as we find peace in You.


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