Psalm 58

O God, Righteous Judge and Ruler of All, save this country from itself!

We’ve got everything backwards; our blessings have turned to curses, those who should be standing up for and protecting the people have been corroded by power and the love of money.

“Is there an honest politician in the house?  Behind the scenes you brew cauldrons of evil, behind closed doors you make deals with demons.”  Raise up a new generation of political leaders Father!  Send someone who will train our young leaders in Your own way.

Let the corrupted leaders and string-pullers of our country be like smoke that drifts away with the wind.  Before they can carry out their evil plots and hare-brained schemes, stop them in their tracks.  Give the righteous courage and authority to stand up to the injustice and backwards priorities.  Let those who live without You buckle under the weight of the world so they may find You as a solid rock to stand on.

Forgive the sins of this country merciful Father!  Turn our hearts toward You in honesty and genuineness.  Stop this runaway train.  May Your Kingdom come soon!


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