Psalm 65 – A Spring Psalm

I come to You in silence, Creator of Everything, too awed to know what to say.  Perhaps my obedience can say what my mouth cannot.  I love You with my whole being and I would do anything for You.  …That’s what my heart wants, but that’s not always what happens.  I say the wrong things, miss golden opportunities, and find myself afraid to give You Your due praise in front of others.

I come to Your throne room to worship, staggered with a load of sins.  I’m feeling guilty and smelling my stink, embarrassed to show up in such a state.  But You…

…You took my load and got rid of my sins for good!  Praise Jesus for the work He has done!  I’m free from my sin-stink, unbent from my too-heavy load of guilt.  How blessed I am to be Your child!  How blessed that I can come home to You – welcome in Your house any time.

There are so many good things in Your Kingdom.  The earth is like a trophy room of Your marvelous works!

The ocean roars Your name and the mountains stand tall and beautiful, pointing to You.

The tall pines wave their arms in praise and the fruit trees, dogwoods, and flowering trees drop their petals to make a carpet for Your kingly feet.

The river rushes to be with You and every seed sends roots down into You and arms up toward You, wanting to be at once higher up and deeper in.

Everything on earth hungers for You – a hunger deeper than food or drink can reach.

All of creation, just by being, sings Your praises, everything a testimony of Your majestic creativity.

Sing!  Sing everyone!  Shout and Sing for God the King!


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