Psalm 66

Hey Red Sea, let’s raise the roof!  Let’s sing praise until all of St Johns hears us.

Sing a song, paint a picture, write a story, dance a dance to tell of how amazing God is, of what He has done in our lives.

Magnificent God in heaven, when the world sees You – Really Sees You and understands who You are – everyone will fall to their knees in worship.

Come on, Church, take a good look at God’s creation.  It will take your breath away.  Gaze on Mt Hood, soaked in sunset orange and pink.  Hike to the middle of Forest Park – smell the earthy trees, the sweet flowers blooming.  Listen for the chirp and creak of bird and bug – all the little creatures voicing praise to their Creator.  Wander out in the fields on Sauvie Island and taste the sweet ripe berries and peaches, juice dribbling down your chin.  All this was made by our Father in Heaven for us to enjoy.  Don’t you feel loved?!

And here’s cause for a song — look at the faces around you.  Think of the change and growth God has done in each of us.  Sure, it hasn’t been easy but our journey has only drawn us closer to Him, taught us to lean hard into Him when the going gets rough and to live with open, generous hands when times are good.

God set us on the road to life, kept us out of the ditch, now let’s praise Him for it!  I’m bringing the gifts You’ve given me and my hard-earned treasures to Your house God.  It’s the least I can do to thank You.  Generous God, You deserve the best, the biggest portion of what I have.

Red Sea, come and listen!  Let me tell you what God did for me.  I called to Him when I needed help, relied on Him when I needed strength.  I sang His praises in my darkest moments.  And God heard me!  He heard me and came running.  He has never let me down, never left me out in the cold.

Praise God and thank Him!  “He didn’t turn a deaf ear, He stayed with me, loyal in His love.”


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