Psalm 71 – Salvation & Refuge Come from God

I look to God for help when I need it.  I never regret it, He never lets me down.  God is the master of timely rescues; a Savior to all who call to Him admitting they need help.

Put Your ear to my heart and listen, God.  Only You know how to make this old ticker tock to Your glory.  My doctor, my counselor, my friend — You are everything to me.  My firm foundation, my safe space, my shield — only You can keep me grounded and safe.  Pull me from the clutches of apathy, pluck me from the talons of pride.  Rescue me from my own sinful nature and redeem me so that I can be useful to You.

Ever since I was a little kid You have taken care of me, guiding me down the path that leads to Your Kingdom.  We’ve been through it all together, from my beginning until the end – Please God, keep using me until the end!  Let my mind always be strong enough to remember You and grasp the depths of Your love for me.

I can’t stop thinking about You.  And thinking about You brings praise to my lips.  Every beautiful thing I see reminds me of Your creativity and then…Praise!

I’ll write all my praises down; I’ll write a book of the ways You deserve to be praised.  That way, everyone can read about Your love today.  From start to finish I’ll sing your praises.  I need to tell everyone about Your good salvation.  I need to encourage others to look forward to Your Kingdom come!

There’s no one like You God!  I’ve got to sing it to the world.


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