Psalm 72

Father — good, knowing, loving Father — please give the gift of good parenting to N and me.  Give the gift of wise and just rule to this household.  Please give us discernment as we shepherd the children You gave us and let us be honorable in the way we raise these little ones.  

Let all who see us delight in the outcome of our efforts, not for our glory, but for Yours.  May our methods and results bring You glory.  Help us teach them to stand up for the poor and needy and not be pushed around by bullies.  Bless our family with Your love and an intimate relationship with You for generation after generation – until You return and we can know true intimacy with You. 

Let this family be like refreshing rain to our thirsty friends and neighbors as we reflect Your beautiful glory; let us us share Your righteousness as we spread it like wildflowers through St Johns.  Let us be peacemakers our whole lives.  May all who know us know beyond a shadow of a doubt that You are our King.  

I pray that people from all over the world will fall down and worship at Your feet when they see how You saved this hopeless family: 2 flawed parents and 2 strong-willed kids and yet You have shown us grace and have healed our wounds.  You are shaping our children into strong soldiers for Your Kingdom.   You are redeeming my helpless and hopeless parenting skills and teaching me how to guide my children back to Your cross every day.  

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  You have saved us!  We have so much!  You have blessed us beyond understanding.  Let us joyfully sing your praises from morning to night and then let us dream of Your love.  You are our King!  King Jesus!  Let everything that has breath praise the King!


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