Psalm 73

I’ve never doubted that God is good.  He’s so good to those who serve Him, those who put His Kingdom as first priority.  But I nearly missed out on the full experience of His goodness.

I was puttering around with a little bit of the Kingdom, perfectly content to enjoy my little blessings; but then –whoa!  I got pulled deeper into the Kingdom — more sacrifice, more obedience and much more blessing.  Not earthly blessings: not more money (although we always have enough), not the career I’ve always dreamed of (quite the opposite, in fact), but Kingdom blessings: peace, joy, and love – deep unexplainable love – in my heart, a son who is growing in wisdom, love, and Kingdom learning.

There were days when I envied those who apparently have it made – a great career, lots of money, a house with rooms for each person – but that isn’t Kingdom stuff, it doesn’t last!  Even if they are Kingdom people, those are the responsibilities and talents God has given them.  I need to account for, keep track of, and manage my own responsibilities.

Sometimes it seems as if Your people get the short end of the stick, God.  Everyone else gets to pursue their own desires and make their own rules.  But when I enter Your sanctuary God, when I see the big picture in Your Kingdom perspective, then I can remember and realize those things are all just ice cream houses.  You are preparing us for an eternal mansion!  And all along I was totally oblivious of what You have in store for us.  I was an ignorant fool in Your presence.  Here I still am in Your presence, but You have taken my hand and opened my eyes – just a little – so I can see a glimpse of Your glorious Kingdom as You lead me.

And that glimpse is all I needed!  Now I long for You!  I hunger for You every day.  You’re all I want and need.  I’ll sing Your praises until I’m a bag of bones buried in the ground.  But then I’ll be with You in Heaven so I’ll sing even louder!

Everyone!  Listen!  God is as stable as Haystack Rock and He’s Faithful!  If you’re falling apart, run to God!  He has so much in store for those who love Him and obey Him!


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