Psalm 74

God!  God!  Our city has forgotten You.  Our nations does not know who You really are.  Your churches are dying as the sex industry is growing.

You are stronger than that!  Remind us of who You are, of what You are capable.  Our city is in darkness, violence is all around us.  Don’t leave the victims of this sin to themselves.  Rescue them, Father, like the lost lambs You promised You would go after.  Pave a new road for the victims of the sins of this generation.  Let them sing Your praises as they march toward Your kingdom.  This is no peace rally – we must fight for the remains of our city.  There are plenty who would stop us; we need You to lead us Conqueror God.

Redeem this city, Righteous God.  Stand up for Yourself, for what is right, and inspire Your children to stand up with You.  Don’t let this city demean You anymore.  We’re all going to hell in a handbasket.


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