Psalm 75

“We thank You, God, we thank You — Your Name is our favorite word; Your mighty works are all we talk about.”

We talk about how You set things right.  We talk about Your upside-down Kingdom.  When everything seems backwards and uncomfortable, we look through Your lens and discover we’ve been walking on the ceilings — living our entire lives upside-down and backwards.  We’ve been fighting our way to the top when we should be clamoring toward the bottom, lifting others up as we go.  We’ve been struggling to keep our head above water when we should have given up control long ago and let ourselves drown in Your deep.  Your Kingdom come, O King of Creation, for Your Kingdom makes so much more sense than this one!

Don’t talk smack about God – He’s the One who made you.  Would you insult the One who holds your eternal future in His hand?!  God is the One in charge, not us.  He builds some up and brings others to their knees, but always with the intention of bringing glory to his Name.

And may my life do just that, Father.  Whether You need to reduce me to a miserable pile of ashes or lift me up among great leaders, may my response and my actions bring You glory.  May Your story and Your praises flow from my mouth forever and ever Amen.


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