Psalm 77

God!  GOD!!!  Hear me!  I need You to answer me!

I’m trying to listen and obey.  I want to be a part of building Your Kingdom.  But I don’t want to go off and do my own thing.  This one could be trouble for me Father.  Pride goes before a fall and I not only don’t want to fall, I don’t want to hog Your glory!  All the glory belongs to You – let me just be Your servant.

But let me be a wise servant.  Turn my 5 talents into 10.  I want to invest what I have in Your Kingdom.

But hello!  Are You there?!  I need an answer.  Here I am, spilling my guts before You, begging for direction, and I’m not even sure You’re interested.  I’ve been praying constantly, biting my nails over this huge decision.  I can’t sleep at night.  I go over all the ways this could turn out in my head.

Will God hang me out to dry while I follow this hare-brained scheme?  Will He let me waltz into my downfall?  Has He thrown up His hands in frustration and said, “I’m done with her!  Her pride is just too much and she’s after my glory!”?

Oh great.  Merciful, gracious God has had enough of me, just when I need Him most.

Let me sit down and think.  Think of all that God has done for me.  Think of all the ways He’s provided.  Think of the times He’s given me a clear answer, an open door – not necessarily when I wanted it, but always when I needed it.

I know You better than this, God.  You have proven Yourself over and over, again and again.  Help me wait for You.  Give me patience.  Grant me humility.  You are weaving the story together, I am just a small part.  But my small (infinitesimally tiny) part is testimony to the mighty things You can do.

How great is our God!  There is no one like You!  Sing everyone!  Shout about God’s greatness!  He doesn’t hang His people out to dry!  He is faithful to the very end!


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