Psalm 78

Remember!  Remember my brothers and sisters, my sons and my daughters, remember what God has done.

Let’s ruminate on what we’ve learned from God so far, like a cow who chews her cud until it enables her to produce sweet milk.  Let’s talk about all these things — get them out in the open.  Tell the stories to your kids over and over until they know them by heart.  Don’t keep these things to yourself, pass them on!

God has done marvelous things, let’s never forget it!  He has planted His Word deeply in our hearts, now He’s instructing us to transplant it to our children and teach them to teach their children.  Generation after generation, we can’t forget what God has done!  We must discuss what God is doing!  The sweetest gift we can give our kids is to know and trust in Jesus; to experience true freedom under His law in His Kingdom.  Don’t set an example of ungratefulness.

What kind of example are you setting?  When God frees You from bondage to sin do you complain about missing the good old days?  When God miraculously provides water, do you complain that there’s no meat or bread?  (When He gives you a small house, do you complain that it’s not big enough?)

Watch your attitude or God will let you feel His rage.  He sees your heart.  He knows when you don’t really believe in Him.  He can see plain as day that you have no intention of trusting Him for provision.  If you run to Him only when the going gets tough, cry and complain that His gifts aren’t good enough and then go your merry way when He’s helped you out of your pickle — you’re the opposite of a fair-weather friend, communicating to God only in complaints.

You would think acting like that would drive God away forever, but no.  His compassion is ocean-deep.  His love is sky-high.  He knows our weaknesses, our faults.  Despite our atrocious behavior, He provides, He cares, He loves.

So remember!  Remember with love so your children will not continue your rebellion.  Set a good example.  Remember what God has done.  From the ram He provided to Abraham, to the freedom, bread, and meat He provided as the Israelites left Egypt.  From the sacrifice Christ made on the cross to the miracles of provision you have experienced yourself.  Remember!  Never forget.  As we remember what God has done, discuss what God is doing, God fills our hearts with love for Him and wisdom for the future.


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