Psalm 81

Lift your voices everyone, let’s sing to our great God!

A song of praise and thanks to the God who saved us.  We will never forget what You have done.

So break out your banjos, your fiddles and guitars.  Someone get on the bass and don’t forget the drums.  Mandolins, jaw harps, tambourines, and washboards!  Everyone else get singing and clap your hands.  All in praise to our great God!

Because remember?!  We used to be chained to the floor, slaves to our sin.  Oh, those days were dark and miserable.  But God set us free!  Free to live, really live; free to be who He created us to be!  

I hear a soft love song from One I never guessed would even notice me.  “Remember,” He says, “remember where you were.  Remember what I have done.  Remember how things were and the relief you felt when I swept that pain away.

“Now remember to praise Me!  Remember to give thanks!  Use your memories to spur you higher up, deeper in.  Remember out loud to everyone around you.  Share My story in your life so others can see Me.  Remember out loud to your children so they don’t make the same mistakes you did.”

Hold us fast, God.  Don’t let us drift away.  Tether our hearts to Your cross.  Never let us forget how we got here.


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