Psalm 82

Everyone with eyes and ears file into God’s courtroom.

“Listen up!  There are people  love who are defenseless.  It’s your job to stand up for them.

There are people I created who are being exploited.  I want you to see that they receive justice, not to support their exploiters with your money and your excuses!

There are people made in My image who are being abused.  Leave your comfort zone and help them out!  Don’t just stand by and shake your heads at the sadness of it all.  Don’t bury your head in the sand and pretend it doesn’t happen.  If you don’t stand up for justice, who will?

If I can’t count on you to be a voice for the defenseless – to help people understand that all people are made in My image and should be treated with dignity – who can I count on?  You’re letting the wicked get away with murder for the sake of your personal comfort.

Now get your heads out of the sand and get busy.  Otherwise, their blood will be on your hands.”


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