Psalm 84

Creator God, designer and architect of everything, the building where we go to worship You pales in comparison to the beauty and majesty of the House of Worship You have made for us called Earth.

We go to a building once a week to worship You, but that doesn’t scratch the surface of the honor that is due to You so I will praise You in the nature You’ve created.  I’ll go to the forest and climb a tall, straight pine – pointing straight to You – and I’ll sing praises to You with the birds in their nests, belting out Your name like the hawks in the sky.

I’ll run to the ocean and praise with the fish, losing myself in Your deep, deep love.

I’ll go to the desert where it’s just You and me and I’ll learn to really thirst for You.

I’ll go to the rock gardens and think about how You and Your love are stronger and more immovable than any rock.

I’ll go next to the Grand Canyon and shout Your name and listen as all the rocks shout it back to me.

Why are You good to us God?  Why have You given us so much?  You sing Your love for us in the beautiful snow-covered head of Mt. Hood wrapped in her shawl of clouds.  You whisper good gifts to us in the wings of a hundred different butterflies and a thousand unique varieties of flower.  You hold us tight in Your warm love on the sandy beach, the ocean roaring, “I LOVE YOU!” in the background.

But I wouldn’t want to spend another minute in all this beauty if I couldn’t spend it with You.  If all this is the creation, how much greater, how infinitely more magnificent, is the Creator.  Yes, I would give up a thousand million days in the creation for just one day with the Creator.


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