Psalm 85

How merciful You are, God, to give us a second chance!  You took our sins away and gave us a reason to hope again.  You lifted us out of our lost fog and helped us see You clearly.  You smiled Your love and sunshine on us and gave us a reason to laugh again.

But we live on a sinful planet, Father in Heaven, and we need Your help again.  How long must we stay here?!  How long will You let us get it wrong, twisting Your perfect will with our selfish motives?  We need You Kingdom here on earth!   Not just part of it, but all of it.  Come back King Jesus! Save us from this life of sin once and for all!

I can’t wait for the day the Kingdom of Heaven arrives in full!  Oh, how glorious it will be!  Nature’s beauty unstained by human sin.  Relationships that are only built stronger, closer, deeper – never torn apart.  Real, joyful LIFE for everyone  –praising our God, our Creator, our King together.  Experiencing true Love.  Oh yes!  Our God is a God of beauty and life.  Come soon King Jesus – our hearts long for Heaven.


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