Psalm 86

Look at us, God, we’re struggling down here.  Help us out; our heads are barely above water!
Protect us from evil – we’re only trying to serve You.  We’re sinners like everyone else, but we want nothing more than to follow You.

Every morning we pray to You for strength; every night we crawl into bed grateful that You got us through one more day.  We don’t make a secret of where we get this strength and patience.  We don’t pretend we’re the ones with all the answers, but always try to point others to You when they’re surprised by Your grace in us.

Whenever we’re in trouble we call to You, confident that You’ll answer.  After all, You’re known for the way You extravagantly provide for Your people.  You’re not stingy when it comes to good gifts.

There is no other God like You, Creator of Heaven and Earth.  Everything we know has been made by You.  All the things we don’t know, too!  And there’s a lot we don’t know!  Everything You made brings You glory just by being.  The intricate details of Your creation sing of Your intimate greatness.  And I’m ready to sing too!

But please, God, help us out of this mess we’re in!  We need Your wisdom and guidance.  Satan is attacking our family and we need Your protection.  As we try to be good parents to our children, You are the perfect parent to us.  You are gentle and kind.  You’re patient with us when we make mistakes.  And You never give up on us, You love us no matter what.

So lift up our chins, God, look us in the eyes and remind us how much You love us.  Give us strength to face tomorrow and to make the right decisions, no matter how difficult.  Show Satan that we’re not sitting ducks, not easy targets that he can pick off.  We are protected by the God of Heaven and Earth, the powerful Creator of universes and angels who gently holds us in His strong arms and faithfully, patiently guides us home.


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