Psalm 88

Excuse me, God, while I bang my head against this wall because I’ve tried everything else I can think of and I’m at my wit’s end.  I’m throwing myself at Your feet – partly to show I’m completely at Your mercy and partly because I’m too tired to stand.  I can’t do this anymore God!  

I feel like a punching bag around here.  I’m doing my damnedest to do what’s right; trying everything I can think of to lead my kids toward You, but on days like today my efforts seem futile.  I’m making backwards progress.  Things would be better off without me.  

I’m calling to You God, waiting for You to show up and save the day.  Any time now, or I will be sassed to death.  I can’t praise You from my grave, can I?  I can’t shepherd my kids from six feet under.  We need You now!!  I’m not going anywhere until You answer my prayers, Father.  I’ve been the target of persistent, whining demands for long enough, let me show You I’ve learned a trick or two.  I’m going to keep banging on Your door until You give in, if for no other reason than to get me to shut up for a minute.  Trust me, I know how that works.  You have to help us God.  We can’t do this without You.  We’re at Your mercy.
Help us.
Help us.
Help us.
Thanks for listening while I cry myself to sleep.


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