Psalm 89

God in Heaven, Your love is in my heart and it bubbles out in joyful song!
You have filled me with Your love and goodness since I was a baby.  I have so many stories to tell of Your kindness and provision, Your faithfulness and love.
You have wrapped Your strong arms around me and protected me from evil.
Without You, I would be dead.  Without You, I am nothing – less than nothing – and so I’ll spend my life praising You.

After all, You deserve my praise and so much more!  Creator of the Universe, You have authority over life and death, nature and science, physics and the elements.  With one word You can speak a galaxy into being.  With another word You can implode the stars leaving nothing but a black hole.  Despite Your infinite enormousness, You are the intricate designer of all my inner workings.  There is nothing too small to escape Your notice.

So now here we are, surrounded by reminders of Your majesty.  Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Jefferson sing a towering chorus of praise to You.  The Willamette and the Columbia throw themselves at Your feet, two silver carpets for Your majestic stride.  And we, we Your people stand tall to sing Your praises.  When we remember the work You’ve done in our lives, the words fly out of our mouths, we can’t hold them in.  All we have and are we owe to God, our Holy and majestic King!

A long time ago You made a promise to Your family.  You said You would pour out Your Spirit on those who followed You.  The Spirit of the God who has done these mighty things would be available to Your creation!  Your Son came and showed us in person what kind of authority we would be given through You Spirit.
And then! — And then You Spirit came!  Wind!  Tongues of fire!  Buildings shook, Your people praised, You Kingdom here on earth!  Most importantly, hearts were changed; people began to understand and came running to You, ready to be made whole both in body and in Spirit.

But now, what?  Have You taken Your Spirit from us or are our hearts so numb, our ears so waxy, our eyes so crusty that we can no longer hear Your voice, see opportunities presented to us or be moved to quick obedience by Your Spirit’s prompting?  You have given us power and authority through Your Spirit, Father, teach us how to use it so we can bring You glory.

Here we are, ready to serve You God.  Look at us, look at our neighbors.  So much brokenness, so little compassion.  St. Johns needs You, fulfilling God!  They are like wandering sheep without You!  Where is the power and authority You are famous for?  Send Your Spirit on us Father!  Unlock our tongues, open our eyes, clean out our ears, unbind our hands!  May Your Spirit work through us to reveal Your majesty to our neighbors.  Give us the authority to heal their diseases so they may see You.  Give us the discernment to speak into their brokenness so they can be made whole in You.  Give us the compassion to invite them into Your family so they can experience Your love: true love!

Take a good look at us God.  We’re standing here among thousands who would write You off.  We’re ready to serve You, now equip us with the authority of Your Spirit and teach us to use it well.  We don’t want to just read about and remember the days when Your Spirit worked mightily in Your people, we want to be a part of that.

Because You are King and we will be Your servants forever.



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