Psalm 90

God, You have always been God!
Long before I was born, long before this nation was born, long before the mountains became mountains and the canyons became canyons, You were God.  Why, You sang the universe itself into being!  There is nothing that did not have its beginning in You.  And You will be there for the grand finale and beyond.  Time is nothing to You.  A thousand years is but a blink of Your eye.

People, on the other hand, now we’re another matter.  Compared to You we last as long as dew on a hot August morning.  We’re like a sneeze or a hiccup on the timeline of eternity.  And yet, this hiccup is all we have here on earth (75 years, 90 if we’re lucky) so don’t hold our sins against us for all of it.

Teach us to seek first Your Kingdom.  Remind us that eternity with You is what matters; everything we strive for on earth apart from You and Your Kingdom is like an ice cream house – fun for about five minutes, but in the face of eternity, completely pointless.  So Father, open our eyes to Your Kingdom on earth.  Teach us to participate and delight in advancing Your Kingdom.  Let Your blessing rest on all we do for the sake of Your Kingdom to confirm that we have the right focus.

All for Your Kingdom Eternal King!


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