Psalm 91

Those of us who live in God’s house don’t have a thing to worry about.
When your bed is made by God you can rest assured that you’ll sleep safe and sound.

God protects His children from evil.  When you are on God’s mission no one can touch a hair on your head without God’s permission.  He keeps His strong arm wrapped securely around you.  You have nothing to fear – not a car accident or cancer.

But wait!  Sometimes these trials are part of His plan for us.  Does that mean He doesn’t love us?  Oh no!
After all, His Son, whom He loves dearest and best, had to walk a very hard road of suffering.  Are we better than the Son?!  No, the suffering and trials are meant to draw us closer to God, just as His protection is also meant to draw us nearer to Him.  God’s glory and our relationship with Him is the ultimate goal, remember?  So what if we lose our life on earth?  Is life on earth better than eternity with our King?  By no means!  Death is a gift to those who serve God.  Life is a gift as well.


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