Psalm 92

God, You fill my heart with joy until it is bubbling over with thanks and praise.  I’m moved to weeping by Your beauty, Your love, Your grace.

In the morning my eyes pop open and my heart gushes with praise.  I’m so happy!  Happy to be Your child!  Happy You’re my King.  I look out the window and laugh with joy at the beauty of Your creation.  I open Your Word and sigh with delight at the wisdom You’ve put at my fingertips.  Incredible!  You’re simply astounding!

I know some people don’t “get” You, profound God, but I beg You to peel the blinders off their eyes so they can revel in Your majesty too.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to add their voices to Your choir of praise?!

I don’t deserve my spot in Your choir, perfect Father, but I’m so glad You’ve given my the chance to sing.  In spite of my weakness, You’ve made me a strong, confident woman because I am confident of Your power in me.  In spite of my stupidity You have filled my head with Your wisdom.   Praise You God in Heaven!  I don’t have to pass my sinful misconceptions on to my children!  You have saved this wreck of a girl and redeemed me so I can advance Your Kingdom as a servant, wife, and mother.  I never thought it could be so wonderful.  I am witness to God’s saving grace!  God my King!  King of my heart!


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