Psalm 94

Evil and evil-doers, the end is near!
Trouble and trouble-makers your hey-day is coming to a close.

Our God is good, right, and perfect and He sees what is going on.  You wicked rebels won’t get away with your rebellion forever, you know.  Don’t think that if you abuse God’s children you’ll get off scot-free.  Don’t pretend that there are no consequences for your actions.   Do you really think the One who sees all won’t see you?  Are you so naive as to imagine that the source of Wisdom doesn’t know what you’re doing; so hare-brained as to thing that God Love doesn’t care?!

Of course He cares!  And the people He instructs and trains have their eyes opened to the benefits of that care.  He puts them in a protective bubble of peace while they’re in the midst of chaos.  God doesn’t leave His people high and dry, He walks with them every step of the way.

When I was overwhelmed by the wickedness within my own home, who held me up, protected my heart, and gave me strength?  God did!  If it wasn’t for God, I never would have made it through the week.  I can always count on Him to give me strength and peace.  When I feel my sanity slipping away, He calms me down and gives me vision.

God is my strong fort.  I can run to Him any time of the day.  And one day soon He will wipe away all evil.  What paradise it will be then!


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