Psalm 95

Come on everybody, raise your voices!
Shout praises as loud as You can to the Savior of our souls!  Let all of St. Johns hear us in here praising the One who saved us from hell.
All together now, we’re in the presence of God Himself!  Join the choir of angels and lift your voices in praise!

Why does He deserve this kind of adoration?  Because He’s God – the One and Only, that’s why!  He carved out the Grand Canyon and sent Mt. Everest soaring into the clouds in a day.  Have you ever seen a picture of our galaxy?  You can barely see our entire solar system and yet there are billions of galaxies in the universe!  Our God spoke all that into being.
So yeah, He deserves our praise.

Stand and sing and shout before God.  And when the magnitude of His greatness hits you – when you are struck by His intimate love – fall to your knees in worship.  Bow before the God who is infinite and intimate.  He made each one of us.  He knows everything about us.  We’re the children in His family; the kids gathered around His generous table at dinnertime.

Seriously people, there is nothing more important than this!  Drop everything you’re doing and listen  Let yourself be changed by Him.  There are plenty of examples of what has happened when people didn’t listen to God – when they refused to obey Him or be moved by His love and provision.
Trust me, it’s not in our best interests to test God’s patience.  His Will will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Walk on His road to enjoy the life He’s created for you.


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