Psalm 96

All the worship songs in the world – from the dawn of time until now – don’t adequately tell of God’s power and glory.  They aren’t enough to praise Him as He deserves to be praised!  So everybody get out your pens and tune your guitars; dust off your tambourines, we’re writing a new song to sing to God today!

Who is God?
What is He like?
What has He done?
Who should know about this?

Stand up and sing!  Tweet the Good News and post it on your blog and Facebook: Jesus has conquered death!  King Jesus is victorious over sin and death and He wants to bring everyone into His Kingdom where there is no sin, no pain, no suffering! #redemption. Everyone needs to hear this!  Email everyone you know and send snail mail to everyone else!  Salvation for all!  Freedom from sin and death.  Put on your shoes and go outside – shout it out to everyone you see: Jesus is alive!  The Creator of the Universe loves you and wants a relationship with you!

This is a good start, but it’s not enough.  God is indescribable and is worthy of constant devotion – praise 24/7 – from dawn to dusk and even in your dreams!  Praise Him!  His terrifying beauty makes everything else that vies for our attention look like 10¢ trinkets.  There is nothing and no one that can compare with our God!

Only God could open His mouth and speak the sun into place, brilliance pouring out from Him like rays from the sun.  Only God could conceive of all the details that hold the earth and its inhabitants together – how to keep the galaxies from colliding in the sky!

Well done, God!  You thought of everything!  Well done!
Everyone join me in a round of applause!  We’re in awe of Your goodness, in awe of Your power.  Bring the best of your best as a gift to God.  Offer it to Him gratefully and gladly because You know He deserves it.  Bow down in worship before the King of Heaven.  His sheer majesty knocks us to our knees!

Don’t forget to spread the news!  Creator God is waiting to get intimate with you.  Shout it out everyone.  You’re joining a choir of people and angels, of sky, earth, and sea.  God made it all, so it all brings Him glory.  Ocean’s roaring “Praise Him!”  Sky throws its arms wide to welcome Him.  Earth and planets spinning in a dance of praise.  Everyone join in!  It’s a praise extravaganza before God.  We’re ready for You God.  Ready for You to come set everything right.


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