Psalm 97

God is King over everything for all eternity; everyone hear and rejoice!
At the end of this world God will be sitting on His throne, surrounded by roiling clouds, while the Earth self-destructs before Him.  Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, lightning, thunder, meteor showers, supernovae, all of creation will tremble before Him.

Here is the true King; the good, right, and perfect King.  Justice is His guarantee.

Bow in awe as the heavens reveal the One who makes things right.  Watch as He ushers in a new Heaven and a new Earth.  It will be plain then that there is – and always has been – only one King.  Everything else we worshiped will be gone; lost forever with all that causes sin.

Children of God rejoice and sing praise!  You have reason to celebrate.  God, the One who created the Universe in six days, has been preparing a place for us since the beginning of time.  Everything is perfect!  He has done it!  Sing, sing, sing!  Radiate the light and joy of your Creator because He has kept you safe — snatched you from the grip of the evil one so you could spend eternity with Him.  So let’s get started!  We have eternity to get better acquainted with our Creator; to love Him more and praise Him better.  We have eternity to go farther up, deeper in!


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