Psalm 98

Sing a song of praise everyone for the King of Heaven has conquered death!
Shout praise to the God who created the world, then saved it!

Never before has anyone conquered death for the sake of His murderers.  Shout praise to the God whose infinite love has saved you from hell!

No other man or god has made such a sacrifice that ended in such victory – Jesus Christ willingly subjected Himself to torture and death, never even opening His mouth in protest, so those dead in sin could live forever in God’s light and love!

And then!  And then!
Victory!  Death vanquished by Life!
Our risen Savior is King in Heaven so Praise!
Lift up your hands and shout!  Throw back your heads and sing!

Musicians at attention!  Trumpets, trombones, tubas and cornets
Blare a fanfare for the God of Heaven!
Violins, cellos, fiddles, and violas
Bow your strings in a sweeping welcome to God Almighty.
Flutes, clarinets, saxophones, oboes, bassoons, and piccolos join in.
Now percussion lend us your beat and let’s bring the house down!
Everyone giving all they’ve got to praise their creator!

But why stop with people and instruments?
Birds, soar in formation before your King!
Fish, dance your fishy dance for the One who made you.
All animals everywhere – you’ve been waiting for this day – make the best noise you’ve got in honor of your King!
Everything on earth that’s been created by God, let’s hear it for your King!
Welcome your risen King as He comes to put everything right.
At last!  His Kingdom has come!


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