Psalm 99

Eternally Perfect reigns in Heaven
Unchanging Good sits on His throne, surrounded by armies of worshiping angels.
Creator God, You are even more vast than the universe You made.
There is more depth to You than the oceans You poured.
Your enormity and power, Your terrifying beauty are too much for my meager mind to comprehend.  But I know one thing for certain: You are the only God.  You are true and perfect and You deserve my undying praise.  You are not safe but You are good.
Have mercy on this struggling sinner.  I deserve nothing from You yet You gave me all.  You deserve everything from me, yet I hold back.
Why am I so foolish?  Why is it so hard to let go of the familiar and comfortable?
Even the good gifts You have given me can keep me from following You with unreserved enthusiasm.
There are people who have given all – held onto nothing for themselves in their pursuit of Your righteousness, their efforts to advance Your Kingdom.  Life was not easy for them but the reward was worth it.
You answer those who call to You.  Faithful is Your middle name.
Faithful King let this servant serve You faithfully.  Let Your words dictate all I do.
I give my life as a sacrifice to You, Holy King.
You deserve so much more.


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