Psalm 101

God’s strength and peace are my theme song and I’m singing it all day long.
When I can’t, You, my God, can.  When I want to throw in the towel, You keep me going.
The minute I wake up I start looking for You, my Creator; start asking for Your Spirit to fill me up so I can make it through the day.  How long must I go on like this?  How long must I feel powerless unless I come to You for strength?  Loving Father, I hope it is forever.  The trials and hardships that drive me to You each day, I could do without.  But what a blessing in disguise they have been!  I can think of no more sure-fire way to guarantee that I get in the habit of coming to You each day.  And what a habit we have developed!  Everyone in this house knows we would be lost without You.  Everyone has it ingrained in our heads that You are the One we turn to first.  There is no doubt in this home about the immensity of Your sacrifice and love.  We will sing Your praises with our whole lives.
Glory to the God who knows us so intimately!  Glory to the King!


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