Psalm 102

Life is fleeting and the odds are not in my favor.
What will I do if — or should I say when — my cells revolt against me and turn cancerous, eating me from the inside out?  Will I rail and yell and shake my fist at God?  Will I give up hope, assuming God’s got it in for me and there’s nothing I can do to escape my fate?  Or will I cling to God as my life preserver in the storm?

You, my God, are sovereign and You can see the big picture.  You know when a sparrow falls from the sky and You know when my heart and body are broken.  And You care!  You are full of grace and compassion.  You can rise up from Your throne and intervene.  But You can also use our tragedies to advance Your Kingdom.  If I can point one person to You through my suffering, it would be worth it.

My time on earth is short; I don’t want to waste it.  Somebody get out a pen and write this down — I want to be sure it gets passed on to my children’s children and I might not be around to do it.
God in Heaven is Creator of all and worthy of our worship.  He is good, right, and perfect, and His perfection can’t be around our sin.  But instead of throwing us out with the garbage like we deserve, He sent His own – His only – Son to live among us.  Jesus came to Earth but on this sinful planet He did not sin.  He came as a sacrifice and was slaughtered to atone for our sins so we can enter into the presence of God.
Hear this good news children!  Don’t waste your life pursuing anything but God.
He is the only One who is eternal.  His years stretch on and on and on.  He is preparing an eternal home for His children, so seek His Kingdom first!  You want to be a part of that family!


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