Psalm 103

From the bottom to the top of my being, inside and out, with everything that I am, I cry out, “Thank You God!”
You are worthy of my praise!  I want to bring joy to Your heart as thanks for who You are and what You have done for me.  And You have done so much!

You forgave my sins and always will as long as I bring them before You in repentance.  There is nothing I can do that You wouldn’t forgive.
You’ve given me all I could ever want – so many blessings!  Husband, children, home, friends, community – I am lacking in nothing.
You provide every day all that we need.  You know and remember what I need better than I!
You’ve kept us healthy and whole, never lacking anything.
We’re surrounded by Your beauty, wrapped in Your love.
Our grateful hearts sing night and day.
You are the God of justice.
You don’t overlook injustice; as Your people neither should we.
You are the perfect judge, the ultimate example of a good Father.
You are full of grace and compassion.  You join us in our sorrows and singing.
You’re not hot-headed, always raging at Your children,
And Your love…well, Your love goes on forever and ever no matter what we do.
You don’t focus on what we do wrong, holding our sins against us forever.
Instead, You forgive and forget: truly, You’re the only One who can do this – when You forgive my sin, it’s erased form Your book, gone forever.
At night You say, “I love you up to Saturn and that’s just the start.”
You wrap Your children in Your deep, deep love.  We can never doubt Your affection.
You know us inside and out because You made us.
You made our bodies to be temporary, but our souls are meant to go on forever with You: always praising, ever deepening our relationship with our good Father.

I am Your child Father!  I want to know You and obey You and make You glad.  I’ll follow Your instruction and walk in Your ways as long as I live.  My Father is the King of Heaven!  I have little to offer but He can make my efforts amount to something.  Let’s work together, children of God, to bring Him joy and advance His Kingdom!
Join with the angels in utter obedience.  And while we work we’ll sing His praises.
I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, with everything that is in me, “Thank You God!”


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