Psalm 104

My heart is in love with You God.
Everything in me longs to be with You and praise You.
Look at what You’ve done; the beautiful world You’ve created.
You Yourself are as bright as the sun – dazzling bright in Your robe made of light.
The roof of Your palace is the vast stretch of starry sky, filled with galaxy upon galaxy.
No one can see where You begin and end.  No one can comprehend Your greatness.
Who else but You could  create a world so majestic and grandiose, yet so intricate and fragile?
Who else has the wisdom to dream up a world in which every thing relies on another.
This is not all here by chance.  It’s ludicrous to even consider that so many pieces could fall so perfectly into place.
No, You are the Creator King and Your creation thanks You for all that You provide:
Water that replenishes itself with each rain shower,
Wheat that has the capacity to increase tenfold for each stalk that grows.
You thought of it all!  There is plenty to go around and yet some are still hungry.
You have given generously to all and yet a few hoard and waste so that many go without.
Forgive us Father!  These things are not ours to hoard!
It is not because of the work of our own hands that we have much, but because of Your generous blessing.
Without Your blessing we could work ourselves into the ground without an ounce to show for it.
Without Your Spirit we wouldn’t even exist.
The earth is Yours, Creator King, and everything in it belongs to You.
So teach us to have open hands and generous spirits.
May we see the fruits of the earth as a gift for Your children and every person on this planet as Your child.
You have given us a good, generous gift, let us share it with grateful, joyful hearts.


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