Psalm 105

Praise God!  Thank Him, all you people of Res Sea, for sustaining you.
Tell everyone you meet about what He has done.
Lives are being changed, souls are being saved because of His faithfulness.
His abounding love and mercy are drawing the hearts of the people of Red Sea nearer each day.
So praise Him in word and deed, in song and dance and poem, in work and play.
Give Him the glory and honor He deserves and teach your children to do the same.
Think of the beauty all around you and praise Him for it.
Think of how much you have – an over-abundance by most of the world’s standards – and thank God for His care.
Think of all the miracles this one small church has experienced in our short 10 years and praise God that we’re still here!

Red Sea started out as a handful of people, practical strangers, in the living room of a family who had been given a vision from God.  That handful grew and soon we began meeting in a pub; drawing in a crowd who would never consider stepping foot in a church, but God knew what we needed and He met us where we were.  Then He went with us to a building on Smith St., still growing our numbers, still providing all we needed until we outgrew that space as well.  And then the Promised Land – a large building available to rent — it seemed like the perfect answer to prayer.  We packed up and moved again.  Our people were thriving.  We were serving our neighbors through a coffee business and everyone knew of God and the work He was doing through Red Sea.

But Red Sea is made up of people and people sin and are filled with pride and are faithless.  But even when people sin, God is good.  God is faithful.

He raised up new leaders and servants and continued to meet our needs.  But then our Promised Land began to show signs of disaster.  Is God still with us?  Why would He take away this good gift?  In obedience, we packed up and moved again, this time into a land of darkness.  But God was with us even in that dark place.  Lives were still changed, hearts still turned to God in repentance and obedience.  New servants continued to pitch in their efforts, calling the people of St. Johns to repentance and faith in Christ.

And then, miracle of miracles!  Even when people sin, God is good  God is faithful!  We were brought back to the Promised Land in more health than ever before.  God worked out details in ways unimaginable!  God poured out His blessing on us and lives were changed, hearts were turned back to God.  Our numbers grew and God gave us lots of babies.  He gave us a chance to serve and meet hundreds of other families with babies.  He filled our garden with food to share with our hungry neighbors, gave us a warm building to fill with friends and neighbors.  And all the time He continues to change our lives and draw our hearts closer to Him.  We have lacked for nothing.  All we need can be found in Him.

So praise Him you people of Red Sea.
Praise the One who brought you here and sustains you.
Don’t take this history for granted!
We are here because of God’s power, now bear witness to this power to all the people of St. Johns.
This building isn’t just for us to enjoy.
It has been given to us to share and to use to advance God’s Kingdom.
God hasn’t brought so many of our neighbors into this space just so we can show them a little kindness, but so we can share the kindness of God with them — the story of the Gospel in Christ’s death and resurrection for our sins.
Praise Him like you mean it Red Sea!
He gave us these blessings so we could follow His instructions to the letter.
Praise God!  He is good!! 


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