Psalm 106

Praise Jesus!  I’ve gotta thank Him all day long, know why?
Because even when people sin, God is good, God is faithful.
There’s nothing that feels so good as knowing you’re following God;
Nothing that brings satisfaction as living within His purpose for your life.
I’m trying, patient Father, trying to obey Your Word, trying to follow Your commands.  I hope You are pleased by the offering I bring, that You will let me add my voice to the angel choir singing Your praises.  I want to spend my eternity bringing You glory — starting here on earth I will praise You with my life.

Except a lot of times I don’t.  I sin all the time and not just that, but my whole family tree is blighted with sin.  I don’t measure up.  I focus on myself and I hurt people.  Even Your Church, Your people whom You have redeemed, Your bride — we get it wrong more often than we get it right.  In the face of Your miraculous provision we have beligerantly demanded recognition and glory.   In response to Your faithfulness, we have thrown in the towel and quit Your people, upset because our demands were not being met.  In response to our sin, Jesus stood between us and God and pled our case.  If it wasn’t for Him, we would be destroyed.

But we didn’t learn our lesson!  Ignoring God’s love, we treated each other like shit, exchanging hateful words and cutting each other to the bone with our accusations.  We took advantage of each other and used each other up until there was nothing left instead of walking together to the foot of the cross to be filled with God’s love and forgiveness.  In spite of our unkindness, our lack of grace and our pride, Jesus stepped in, stood between us and God and pled our case.  Without Him we would have eaten each other alive.

But in spite of Christ’s sacrifice, we would not humble ourselves.  We felt that God owed us for our service to Him and complained when things didn’t go our way.  But we weren’t being good servants!  Our work as ambassadors did not always reflect God’s Kingdom.  We have been apathetic at best about spreading the Gospel to all the people of St. Johns.  We tend to serve when it’s convenient and avoid saying or doing anything that puts us too far out of our comfort zone.

Father forgive us!  We’re idiots and we don’t deserve Your grace and mercy!  We can do nothing to earn Your love and forgiveness!

But still, despite our complete lack of righteousness, Jesus Christ, the righteous One stepped in and stood between us and God.  We are a redeemed people!  Cry to God and He will hear us.  King of Heaven we want to reflect Your light and love to our city, not the cesspool of our own sin.  If anything good comes from this Church, it will be because of You and Your powerful, life-changing grace and mercy, not because of anything we could do on our own.  Heal us, God who makes things whole! Give us the courage to follow wherever You lead.  Give us passion for Your Word and Your people.  Hear our confession and free us from ourselves.  We join together to thank You for Your infinite love, Your unending mercy.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
Praise Him all creatures here below!
Praise Him above, ye heavenly hosts!
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!


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