Psalm 108

Father in Heaven, I’m tired of this battle and I’m ready to be done; so, so, so ready!
I’m ready to open my mouth and sing, “God has saved us!  It is because of His mighty work in our lives that this family can bring Him glory instead of turning others away with our disobedience and disrespect.”  I’m ready to tell the neighbors, our friends, our family, anyone who will listen, how You drew the hearts of our children to Yourself, loving them in spite of their sin and patiently molding them into vessels You can use.

We are fighting a battle for their hearts, God in Heaven, Commander of Good.  Don’t turn away and leave us here to fight on our own.  Don’t let the enemy seize hold of their hearts and drag them off to his camp.

I’m thanking You from the bottom of my heart, faithful Father, because every second of my life is a testament to Your faithfulness.  You do not abandon Your children.  You take pleasure, the fullest, greatest pleasure, in rescuing Your children from the enemy.  It gives You unspeakable joy to show up when Your children cry out to You and gather them close.  You have not left us alone in this battle for You are good.  Even when we sin, You are faithful.

God, pour Your Spirit on us and fill us with strength and courage for the hard road ahead.  Help us in this struggle.


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