Psalm 109

Why do we have so little regard for each other?
How can we, humans made in the image of God who is love incarnate, be so hateful towards our brothers?
Some of us are hateful with our words – cutting others to the quick with the vicious arrows of hate that fly out of our mouths.
Some of us are hateful with our thoughts, maintaining a facade of innocence while wishing destruction and demise on others in our minds.
Some of us hate with our actions – hurting, killing, destroying all who don’t fit our fancy.
And some of us hate with our lack of actions – ignoring the need and brokenness around us; turning a blind eye to our fellow humans who need a hand.
Forgive us Father.  Our sin is an ugly cancer defiling all that is good within us.  Only You can heal us.  Make us whole, make us clean.  Fill us with Your love.  Pour Your love into our hearts until it overflows, spilling out of us, covering all we meet.
We can love because You first loved us.  Help us understand the depth of that love – a love that is faithful even when we sin against You, even when we return it with anger, discontentment, or indifference – so that we can offer it in turn to our fellow humans, even when they wrong us.

I praise You with my life because Your unfailing love for me has changed the way I see others.


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